Gabby’s Good News: Roux the Dog – Fourth of July Superhero

In Franklin, Tennessee, a dog became a Fourth of July hero, when she alerted her owner about a house fire next door.

The dog, named Roux, alerted her owner, Jeff LeCates, to the neighbor’s house being on fire — a blaze that was started by fireworks.

When Jeff woke up, he was able to wake the family of three next door — and get everyone out safely before firefighters arrived and put the fire out. Everyone escaped without injuries, all thanks to the warning offered by Roux. Way to go DOGGO!

Turns out, Jeff’s neighbor actually helped him adopt Roux and find her forever home with him. She’s a dog groomer, who knew Jeff had lost his German Shepherd 15 months ago. Knowing Roux needed a home, she helped to facilitate the adoption.

Unreleased Luke Combs Song – Cold As You

Luke Combs threw me for a loop with this one. Lately we’ve only heard the lovey dovey side of Luke. However, this is the complete opposite. “This broken down fool, on an old bar stool, drinkin’ beer almost as cold as you.” YIKES, tell us how you really feel Luke.


Luke Combs – Cold As You (Unreleased Original)

Unreleased song of mine called "Cold As You." Let me know what y'all think!

Posted by Luke Combs on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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