Frederick’s Favorite – Sage Cakery

Nikki spoiled us this morning with a sampling of her delicious baked goods! Between the macarons, chocolate covered Oreos, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies…I’m in a mini food coma. I burn everything I bake BUT Nikki shares how her side hustle became the dream in our full interview. Impress your family during the holiday season and get 15 percent off their Thanksgiving menu next week with code FREDERICK21!

WFRE PODCAST 29: Horses, T-shirts, & Local Honeys

Listen to the latest episode of the WFRE Podcast. 

We are back with an episode full to brim with behind the scene stories from WFRE’s amazing week at the Great Frederick Fair.

Laura-ism: “Lost Her Rocker”

Featuring: Gabby (Weekdays 10a-3p), Laura (Weekdays 7p-Midnight), and Patrick Hanes (Midnight-5a)


The gang is back from their vacations! Turns out time away didn’t make them normal. Please remember that Gabby was 8 until she was 21.

Laura-ism: “I’m Outta this Popsicle Joint!”

Featuring: Gabby (Weekdays 10a-3p), Laura (Weekdays 7p-Midnight), and Patrick Hanes (Midnight-5a).

Gabby's Bio

I am a true Philly native through and through. But it’s official…I have officially fallen in love with all things Frederick! Catch me singing and dancing alone to country music stuck in traffic with my windows down. I run on coffee, red wine and a little whiskey. You might find me buried in stacks of vinyl records, brewery hoppin’, exploring an antique store, kayaking, playing Nintendo 64 or Netflix and chillin’. Fell in love with radio as soon as I cracked the mic! Family, friends, and listeners mean the world to me. Let’s be friends! Find me on all social media at Gabby on 99.9 WFRE. 

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