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What is Team WFRE?

Team WFRE is a group of community members (and Free Country lovers)  who want to help raise money for charities while having fun and getting a little exercise in.  Some are marathon runners, some are mile walkers.  Whatever your pace or distance there is a place for you on Team WFRE

How do I join Team WFRE?

You can get team emails by signing up here.  We will post links to the races Team WFRE is participating in so you can get registered.

Do I have to travel to be a part of the team?

No.  Team WFRE supports causes both locally and nationally.  If you do not want to travel to Nashville or Memphis for the St. Jude races you can still be on the team.  Team WFRE participates in local races at the YMCA, the Frederick Running Festival, the Walk to End Diabetes and Light the Night among others. 

What race experience do I need to join the team?

None!  Some of our team members do marathons and half marathons, others do mile races.  The distance and amount of training you put in is totally up to you.

Do I need to raise money to be on the team?

No.  But some of the races ask for fundraising or cost money to participate in.  For example, the St. Jude races have tiers of fundraising.  Based on how much you fundraise you can get the registration, hotel or even entire trip paid for.  Your involvement and fundraising are up to you.

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