How To Unshrink Your Clothes!

I will NEVER forget when my college roommate shrunk my all time favorite shirt. She’s forgiven…but it’s not forgotten! If you’ve ever been in situation, you feel my pain. I wish I knew this back then. HAIR CONDITIONER DOES THE TRICK.

1.  Fill a bucket or your sink with lukewarm water.  Then add a few big squirts of conditioner and mix it.

2.  Put your piece of clothing in for 15 to 30 minutes and let it soak.  The conditioner will help the fibers loosen up and expand.

3.  Take it out and gently squeeze the water out of it, but don’t twist or wring it out.  If it’s full of conditioner, you can rinse it a little, but not too much.

4.  Gently stretch it out . . . lay it out on a clean, dry towel . . . and roll it up.  Rolling it should keep it in place, so it won’t shrink back down.

5.  Wait until it’s mostly dry, and gently stretch the fabric again to get it back to its original shape.