5 Things to Know Before Your Vaccine

Some helpful things to keep in mind before your scheduled COVID-19 vaccine! You wanna make sure you are prepared so it is the most effective.

1. HYDRATE! You want to drink plenty of water before and after. Your hydration levels can impact how well the vaccine works in your body.

2. No pain relievers right before. There’s a small chance it could interfere with the immune response doctors want to see. But taking them afterwards for any possible symptoms is totally okay.

3. Don’t book a Flu vaccine or any others around the same time. There isn’t a ton of data on how other vaccines interact.  So just to be safe, wait two weeks before you get a flu shot.

4. Wait to exercise. I know, right? How often do you hear that? Most people should be fine to work out after their shot. But if you’re feeling groggy, don’t push yourself. Take a rest day or two.

5. Keep your vaccine card! Presenting it to certain businesses might score you some free stuff. Like a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme everyday the rest of year. Businesses like Staples will even laminate your card totally free.