5 Things That Always Go On Sale In March

TVs, jewelry, winter sports gear, mattresses, and grills!

If you have these items on your wish list, now is the time to purchase and here’s why:

TVs – Manufacturers are about to release new models. So the month of March is the second-best month of the year to buy a TV.  November is first.

Jewelry – There’s always so much left over after Valentine’s Day. So jewelry stores drop their prices.

Winter sports gear – As we get closer to spring…things like skis, snowboards, and winter coats get discounted.

Mattresses – Similar to TVs new models are on their way into stores so they need to make room for new inventory.

Grills –  Now is your last chance to get a good deal before prices go up closer to summer time. Prices usually don’t drop back down until July or August.