{Katie’s Kitchen} Halloween Spider Cookies

Brought to you by Caoctin Mountain Orchard.

Need an easy treat to take to a Halloween party, last minute?! Here you go…

I grabbed a package of break apart peanut butter cookies from Reeses and baked them according to the package.

Right out of the oven, I placed cold (out of the freezer) Reeses Cups upside down on top in the middle of the cookie while they were still hot.

Then, you could either use melted chocolate (chocolate chips) or icing, like I did, and put a little on the back of your candy eyes and place on top (or sides) of your Reeses cups. Next, add your spider legs! Again, you can use melted chocolate and put it in a baggie and cut a small hole from the corner to pipe the legs onto the cookies….or you can use a tube of icing.

Place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to set and you’re done!


-Peanut butter cookies (homemade or pull apart)

-Reeses cups (25-30 count)

-melted chocolate chips/ icing