Middletown Scarecrows Rule!


The 13th Annual Scarecrow Contest!

I heard all about these scarecrows on Main St. in Middletown and I had to go see them for myself! I was pleasantly surprised!  Families and businesses put up their scarecrows in September, voted in Mid October and the winners were just announced over the weekend. Congrats to the family who won first place for their Mr. Potato Head!

I just had to stop and take a photo with the Mandalorian for #MandoMonday! We locked eyes from the start. But the “2020 Y’all” guy was by far MY FAVORITE. Major creative points for being upside down. I’m sure we can all relate.


“QuaranTINA,” was super clever and was decked out in the hottest 2020 fashion. This little S’more stole my heart! Fire pit attached was a nice touch. Overall, I AM SO IMPRESSED by Middletown’s creativity and I hope we can find a way to enter the contest next year. On our way out we also spotted my favorite TV character David Rose from Schitt’s Creek, but he seemed too cool to take a picture with me 😉