Gabby’s Good News: Young Local Entrepreneur Starts Mask Business

Grandma-granddaughter pair Miluska and 12 year old Talia are loyal WFRE listeners from Adamstown and wanted to share their good news with us! When the pandemic started, Talia’s Grandma began making masks for her essential co-workers at the post office. Talia took it upon herself to learn how to make these masks day in and day out in order to help her grandma’s efforts. Her family is so very proud of her for spending time on such a great cause that helps our community during these hard times.

Word of mouth traveled fast and more and more orders kept coming through. Talia was ecstatic! She decided to make it official and start her own handmade mask business on Facebook and Etsy! She’s fulfilled orders for the Montgomery County Police Department, teachers, wedding parties and so many more!

Check out T&M Creations for all of your mask needs and support young local business!

Shout out to Talia’s Mom, Milu for emailing Late Night Laura with her story!