Gabby’s Good News: Tenacious Marylander, Trash Collector Becomes Ivy League Scholar


From collecting trash to ivy league scholar.

Rehan Staton, a 24 year old sanitation worker from Bowie, Maryland refused to give up on his dreams and it paid off! He spoke with so much appreciation towards his family and co-workers who empowered him to strive for success.

After years of being rejected, tough family struggles and waking up before dawn for sanitation work…Rehan is living his “most surreal moment” finally getting accepted into Harvard.

His father worked multiple jobs to support their family including an older brother named Reggie after their Mom left the country when Rehan was 8 years old. Rehans family made MANY sacrifices to help pave the way for Rehan’s success. After 24 years, it finally paid off.

He was denied by every college he applied to in high school. But now was accepted by  Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, the University of Southern California and more this spring.

Rehan’s inspiring closing statement: “If you put in the effort and the work and you stay committed, things will fall into place.”

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