{Katie’s Kitchen} Campfire Cones!

Brought to you by Catoctin Mountain Orchard.

Looking for a fun new treat or activity for the kids this weekend?! Campfire Cones are perfect and delicious!

Don’t let the name deceive you…no need for an actual campfire (but of course you can), you can make these in the oven!

Start our with an ice cream cone. We used waffle cones- take peanut butter and spread it around the inside of the cone, then stuff your cone with marshmallows (the mini marshmallows seem to work best so you can fit other ingredients), chocolate and literally any other topping you might want to add.

The fun part about this s’more treat is it doesn’t have to just be chocolate and marshmallow…you can add Reese’s cups, butterscotch chips, m&m’s, strawberries, banana slices..whatever you want!

Then gently wrap your cone in foil, covering the top first, then the bottom and rolling in the sides.

To bake: pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 5-7 minutes.

Campfire: heat over the fire for 5 minutes.

Enjoy…and then make another!!!!


-Waffle or cake cones

-Peanut butter

– Chocolate (chocolate chips, or Hershey bars)

-Mini Marshamallows

-Other: strawberries, banana slices, butterscotch chips, etc.