{Katie’s Kitchen} Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Brought to you by Catoctin Mountain Orchard 

Friday night pizza night! Pizza kits are so popular right now….whether you are getting one from a local pizza shop or buying one from the grocery store. I picked up a pizza kit from Costco.

We decided to go BBQ style with our pizza, mainly because we always make cheese or pepperoni, and wanted to mix it up! also…it’s the ingredients I had in my fridge!

SUPER easy… Spread 1/4 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce over the dough leaving 1/2 in. bare in from the edges. Then, sprinkle mozzarella cheese and smoked Gouda cheese on top (about 2/3 cup each). I only had Mozzarella, so I just used that.

Chop up your cooked chicken, (you can use rotisserie, or baked chicken) I had grilled chicken that I purchased from the store, then toss lightly in BBQ sauce and toss on top of the cheese.

Thinly slice red onion and sprinkle as much as you like over the pizza. Then bake 450 for 8-10 minutes (or according to your directions).

Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro!!