{Katie’s Kitchen} ALMOST Scratch Cake

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Do you have a box cake sitting around? Want to make it BETTER?! This recipe is easy and taste so good, it makes the cake a little more dense and very moist. A little treat while we’re all stuck inside and I found all of the ingredients were things that I already had in my kitchen.

I used a box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Vanilla Cake mix. Grab a large mixing bowl and then add all of your dry ingredients- cake mix, all purpose flour, sugar, salt and whisk it all together!

Then add in your wet ingredients- 3 large eggs, water, vegetable oil, vanilla and the secret ingredient…sour cream! I mixed everything on low until it was combined.

Then I separated the mix into two 9” cake pans. It also works great for two 8” or three 6” pans.

Bake at 325 degrees for 50 mins.

Let the cakes cool on a wire rack. Start on your icing!

This icing is so good, we couldn’t stop eating it out of the bowl! Scroll down for icing recipe….

Ingredients: I got the recipe here! 

-1 box vanilla cake mix

-1 cup all purpose flour

-1 cup granulated sugar

-1/2 tsp salt

-3 large eggs

-1 1/3 cup water

-2 tbsp vegetable oil

-1 cup sour cream

-2 tsp vanilla extract

Icing: butter, confectioners sugar, milk, vanilla extract, food coloring (if you want)

I used my mixer to make the icing! Start out with the softened butter and blend the butter with the confectioners sugar.

Add in milk and vanilla and continue to mix until its very smooth. You can add milk to your preferred thickness. Then, if you want a little color add in the food coloring.


-1/3 cup butter, softened

-3 cups confectioners sugar

-1 1/2 tbsp. milk

-1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

-food coloring