Frederick’s Own 9-Year-Old Savannah Performs Alongside Carrie Underwood

You remember when Frederick’s own 9-year-old Savannah is went crazy viral for her ASL rendition of Carrie Underwood’s song #TheChampion?  Her dream finally came true and she met her all time favorite singer at Carrie’s concert in DC over the weekend.

Capturing hearts everywhere. Let’s recap.

Savannah earned her spotlight with millions of views of her ASL rendition online. Savannah identifies as deaf but has the assistance of hearing aids. She grew up loving music and learned sign language from a  young age. Her parents and two younger sisters are also deaf and as a family they speak ASL in their home. Savannah asked her Dad, Richard to film her signing Carrie Underwood’s  #TheChampion and it has taken the internet by storm.

Once Carrie Underwood saw the viral video, she invited Savannah and her family to the concert in DC. They hung out backstage and performed #TheChampion alongside each other…Carrie sang a cappella while Savannah signed the lyrics. Carrie even signed to Savannah, “I love you, beautiful girl.” from the stage during her concert. Check it out.

Way to go Savannah! Keep killin’ it girl. You’re a rockstar ❤️ Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @savvyasl and check out her Facebook page: Savvy ASL