{Katie’s Kitchen} Taco Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

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Spaghetti Squash is one of my favorite healthy meals to cook! Yes, it can be difficult. I have tried every way possible to cook spaghetti squash so it doesn’t turn out too mushy, watery or too crunchy. This is the BEST way to cook it!

You do have to find a good sized spaghetti squash not too large and definitely not a small one. That does help in the way it cooks.

In my pictures below I give you a step by step of what each part of the process looks like…and it’s easy!!!

Take a baking pan and put your entire squash on it…poke a few holes with a fork and stick it in the oven 400 degrees for 42 mins.

Once that comes out of the oven, you will want to let it sit for a good 20 mins. It’s HOT! But, you can start cooking your ground turkey (healthy option) or ground beef. Cook with the taco seasoning as normal.

Once your taco meat is cooked, sit it aside for a few mins.

Take your spaghetti squash and a big knife and slice it right down the middle. Scrape our the middle of the inside (just like a pumpkin, where the seeds are)  and throw that away.

Then, find a big enough bowl and stand up the squash inside, take a fork and start scraping out the sides of the spaghetti squash to let the stringy squash “noodles” fall into the bowl. You should just be left with the shell when you’re done!

Next, add the squash into your taco meat pan with a can of diced tomatoes and toss shredded cheese on top.

Stir and cook that until well mixed for 5-7 minutes. Serve and eat!

Delicious way to get all the vegetables and protein without carbs all in one meal. You’ll feel great and full after eating this!


-1 spaghetti squash (normally feeds 3-4 people depending on the size)

-Ground Turkey (lean) or ground beef

-1 can of diced tomatos

-shredded Mexican cheese