The Cure To Homesickness

The only cure to homesickness is to be a tourist in your own city…..and maybe a real Philly cheese steak. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Frederick with my whole heart but sometimes you just need that touch of home once in a while. That includes a hug from your Mom, your favorite neighborhood food spots and a drink….or two…or more with your childhood friends.

Frederick’s Own 8-Year-Old Savannah Goes Viral With Carrie Underwood

Frederick’s own 8-year-old Savannah is going crazy viral for her ASL rendition of Carrie Underwood’s song #TheChampion. People all over the country have been sharing her performance and now Carrie wants to meet her! Way to go Savannah! Keep killin’ it girl ❤️ Check out her Facebook page: Savvy ASL

My heart is so full. Savannah identifies as deaf but has the assistance of hearing aids. She grew up loving music and learned sign language from a  young age. Her father Richard is also deaf and as a family they speak ASL in their home. Savannah asked her Dad to film her performance and it has taken the internet by storm.

Richard’s video on Facebook and Twitter has gone completely viral and Carrie Underwood finally responded with a tweet saying, “Savannah you’re amazing! I’d love to meet you too! #CryPrettyTour360” Let’s make it happen!


Check out Savannah the rock star for yourself here posted by CBS news:

8-year-old deaf girl gives sign language performance of powerful Carrie Underwood song

WATCH: This 8-year-old deaf girl performs a Carrie Underwood song in sign language – redefining what it means to be a "champion" 🤟

Posted by CBS News on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dear Guy Who Hit My Car, Thank You!

No seriously, hahahah thank you! In light of National Good Samaritan Day I wanted to thank the guy who hit my car over the weekend for restoring my faith in humanity.

Over the weekend, my car was hit in a parking lot. Now you know, this car is my baby. I just bought it 7 months ago! What could have been an easy hit and run….wasn’t. I mean, in today’s society you expect nothing less. BUT John Doe came into the store looking for the owner of the car he just hit. Surprise, surprise! It’s me!

Instead of getting angry, I thanked him for his honesty and realized how easy it would have been for him to just leave. However, he didn’t. He did what I would have done and confronted the situation and took responsibility for it. This act of kindness and honesty has officially restored my faith in humanity!

Gabby's Bio

I am a true Philly native through and through. I am brand new to Frederick and lovin’ it. Catch me singing and dancing alone to country music stuck in traffic with my windows down. I run on coffee, red wine and a little whiskey. You might find me buried in stacks of vinyl records, exploring an antique store, kayaking, playing Nintendo 64 or Netflix and chillin’. Fell in love with radio as soon as I cracked the mic! Family, friends, radio and listeners mean the world to me. 


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