Trivia with Patrick Hanes

Patrick Hanes & VetUrgency will be testing your mind with nightly trivia every weeknight at 7:30 PM during the Free Country Nights on WFRE. Learn random factoids that could very well help you win a board and/or card game.

Just text \”trivia\” to 301-695-9373 to get the answer.

Past Trivia Questions

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About VetUrgency

VETURGENCY was founded to fill a void in the pet care options available to the community. A need existed for an after hours and weekend option that serves as a middle ground between the services provided by primary care veterinarians and a full-scale emergency facility.

VETURGENCY’s goal is to complement the services offered by community veterinarians by ensuring prompt and quality care for their patients when there is a need for immediate care and their offices are closed. We believe that efficiently facilitating care at a convenient time for owners will prevent pets from developing more serious issues that may require advanced medical care. VETURGENCY will not offer emergency surgical services or critical care monitoring but will be equipped to handle the majority of emergent medical issues that pets face.

For Community Veterinarians

VETURGENCY is here for your clients and patients when your hospital is either closed or unable to accommodate an unscheduled urgent matter. We welcome the opportunity to be an extension of your high-quality standard of care and support your patients when needed. Our goal is for your clients to feel as cared for as they would with you, with reduced stress and less expense than a full ER. If you wish to refer a patient to us for an urgent matter in your after hours, our team can be reached by phone or your clients may reserve a time and check wait times online.