The Tri-County Pumps Secret Sound Is Back!

The Tri-County Pumps “Secret Sound” is back, with lots of FREE CASH…and you could win it all! Listen to play each weekday in the 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm hours. After kicking off at $1000, with each incorrect guess the grand prize jackpot grows by $25. Keep tabs on all the incorrect guesses (listed below & updated daily).

Daily Clues: Each weekday morning, Tri-County Pumps’ Billy Griffith shares a helpful daily clue during The Free Country Wake-Up Crew. That clue will then be re-shared on-air at various times throughout the day.

Bonus Email Clues: Starting Friday May 13th, WFRE Country Club members receive a bonus clue via email each Friday afternoon during contesting. Not a WFRE Country Club member yet? Register now!

Official Contest Rules


Week One (Beginning May 2, 2022)

Pulling a candy dispenser on a candy machine.

Putting crumpled paper into a brass hole folder and turning the handle.

Pulling the knob on a candy machine and letting go.

Putting poker chips on a table.

Like a bell I used to have on my bike as a child where it had a little bit of a finger push to ring the bell.

An air-powered lug wrench putting a lug nut on a tire.

Tapping a deck of cards on a table and then fanning them out.

Someone running their finger down blinds.

Pulling the emergency brake on a manual automobile.

Clicking on and off a garbage disposal.

Pushing a clutch in with your foot and pulling the emergency brake.

An electric drill that is drilling in a bolt.

Inserting a key into the door knob and turning the handle.

Dropping dice into a glass jar.

My alarm clock starting to ring, waking me from my peaceful slumber.

Using an electric drill to screw a screw in.


Starting up an electric weedeater.

Setting a coaster down on a table.

Dropping a coin in a parking meter and the timer moving up.

Holding a washboard in am and rolling spoon handles over it.

A pen being put into a fan.

An electric screwdriver screwing in a screw but it’s already in there too tight.

Adding a weight to a barbell.

Turning off an egg timer and setting it on the counter.

Tapping the cap off of a soda bottle and dropping it.

A creaking door.

Somebody shuffling a deck of cards.

Loading weights onto a bar.

One of those old door houses that have the doorknob where you turn it and it makes that dinging sound.


Week Two (Beginning May 9, 2022)

A wrench that is dropping.

Flipping a deck of cards.

Turning the steering wheel and inserting car key in the ignition.

Drill on a concrete.

A winch on a sailboat.

A ratchet.

Turning a screw with an electric drill.

Putting a coin in a gumball machine and turning the knob.

Coins in a mason jar.

Putting money into a gumball machine and turning the knob to get the prize.

Dropping a coin into a jar full of money or change.

A barn door closing.

Setting a lug nut on a tire with an impact wrench.

An electric screwdriver turning as far as it can go and it’s starting to strip the screw head.

A train going across a track.

Flipping a music box upside down and turning the key.

Playing the game Operation and bumping on of the sensors on it where you’re trying to pull the piece out.

Switching on a garbage disposal with an object stuck in it.

A deck of cards being shuffled.

Attaching a handheld opener to the tin can and turning the knob.

An impact tightening or loosening a bolt.

Somebody turning a ratchet.

Twisting a lid off of a jar.

Spinning a wrench around a lug nut to take a tire off the wheel.

An old time fire drill.

Opening a can with an electric can opener.

Loading a concrete nail gun and driving the nail.

Turning the key to a car for a dead battery.

The pressure releasing when you open a canned jar of fruit.

Someone trying to pull start a lawnmower.


Week Three (Beginning May 16, 2022)

Turning a dollar bill into four quarters by using a coin machine.

Turning the knob on a safe and then spinning it.

Twisting the lid off of a spray pump.

Turning knob on a can opener and spinning off the metal ring.

Squeezing the trigger of an impact wrench.

An air wrench like they use in NASCAR to take the lug nut off.

Turning an egg timer in the opposite direction and making it ring.

Inserting can punch under lid of unopened jar allowing air to enter.

Making a left turn with a turn signal then turning it off.

Holding a glass to an ice dispenser on a refrigerator and the ice cubes dropping in.

The seal on the front of a spray can.

Tightening a bolt with a mechanic’s ratchet.

Using an electric screwdriver to tighten a bolt.

Twisting a can of bug spray open.

Taking the lid off of a whipped cream can and spraying the whipped cream.

Turning off an alarm clock by pressing the knob on the back.

Turning an Allen wrench backwards.

Dropping a chain onto a wooden desk.

Turning the canned food over again and rubbing fingers down the center.

An antique door buzzer.

A deck of cards shuffling.

A gate latching.

Turning off an alarm clock by pressing the knob on the top.

Turning the air off in a car and rolling down the window.