Secret Sound

Listen for your chance to guess the Tri-County Pumps “Secret Sound” & win thousands in FREE CASH!  We kicked off with our largest jackpot ever, $2500, which grows by $25 with each incorrect guess.  Listen to play each weekday in the 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm hours.  And be sure to read all the incorrect guesses (listed below), which are updated daily.

Daily Clues:  Listen weekday mornings at around 8:20 to hear Tri-County Pumps‘ Billy Griffith share a helpful daily clue.  That clue will also be re-shared at various random times throughout that day.  And, if you’re a member of the WFRE Country Club, you’ll be receiving a BONUS CLUE each Friday afternoon during contesting.

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Click here to download & review the official rules.


Week 1 (Beginning May 15th, 2023)

Opening a copying machine, putting paper in, and making a copy.

One of those OnStar coin machines.

A mail sorting machine sorting out mail.

An old-time manual calculator.

Opening up a deck of cards and shuffling them around.

Someone putting a coin in one of those little prize machines at the grocery store and turning the dial til the prize falls.

A teacher shuffling papers and then ripping papers out of a workbook.

A hand coming out of a wind-up coffin toy trying to retrieve the penny to pull into the bank of the coffin.

Rustling through a drawer of miscellaneous stuff in your kitchen.

An old Xerox in operation.

The boxes on a water truck, tool boxes rattling.

Unlocking a door.

Me completely blowing this contest and getting it wrong and my wife stuffing me in a coffin and putting a nail in it.

An old printing press that is folding and shuffling papers.

A jukebox shuffling old time country music 45s.

Putting money in a cash register.

Getting into your car and putting the key into the ignition.

Snaking a clogged drain.

Taking the cellophane wrapper off of a bag of popcorn and putting it into the microwave and popping it.

Ruffling through papers and putting them in a file cabinet.

Putting money in a machine and letting it count it.

A letter stamp shuffler.

Going through files in a file cabinet and closing it.

Taking a letter opener and opening a piece of mail.

A copy machine.

Somebody taking a roladex card and flipping the roladex over and the cards flipping around.

A printer.

Going through files in a file cabinet, shutting the door, and locking it.

Opening up mail and pulling it out of the envelope.

A roladex.

Week 2 (Beginning May 22nd, 2023)

Flipping of a roladex while you’re looking for a number.

Sharpening a knife and placing it into a knife box.

Clearing off the table with your arm and hand, pushing everything on the floor.

Pumping the foot pedal on a barber’s chair to raise it up.

Cutting a stack of paper with a paper slicer.

An electric letter addressing machine.

Shuffling knives in a drawer.

Flipping venetian blinds open and closed over and over.

Making copies or printing something off of a printer or copier.

A video tape being placed into a VCR player.

Somebody at the desk shuffling papers.

The players throwing their helmets on the ground.

A claw machine. Putting money in a claw machine and trying to win a prize.

Arranging papers into piles and stapling them together to make a packet.

Someone using a manual metal date stamper to stamp a pile of papers.

Changing the month on a paper calendar.

A photocopy machine.

Someone putting cash in a cash register.

Someone at a desk going through a roladex.

Holding a book in one hand while using the thumb on the other hand to flip the pages.

Removing a page off a desktop calendar, balling it up, and throwing it away.

Moving folders from a file cabinet then shutting the file cabinet.

Unfolding chairs and setting up for a wedding, and outdoor wedding.

Flipping the pages through a Maryland map.

A copier or printer making two-sided copies and putting it into an output tray.

Opening a safe deposit box.

Printing the checks to payout the winner for the Secret Sound.

Flipping through a photo album to put pictures in date order.

Opening up a file cabinet drawer, filing a file, and locking the drawer.

Photocopying the rules to this contest, then flipping through the pages.