Secret Sound

Listen for your chance to guess the Tri-County Pumps “Secret Sound” & win thousands in FREE CASH!  We kicked off with our largest jackpot ever, $2500, which grows by $25 with each incorrect guess.  Listen to play each weekday in the 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm hours.  And be sure to read all the incorrect guesses (listed below), which are updated daily.

Daily Clues:  Listen weekday mornings at around 8:20 to hear Tri-County Pumps‘ Billy Griffith share a helpful daily clue.  That clue will also be re-shared at various random times throughout that day.  And, if you’re a member of the WFRE Country Club, you’ll be receiving a BONUS CLUE each Friday afternoon during contesting.

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Click here to download & review the official rules.


Week 1 (Beginning May 15th, 2023)

Opening a copying machine, putting paper in, and making a copy.

One of those OnStar coin machines.

A mail sorting machine sorting out mail.

An old-time manual calculator.

Opening up a deck of cards and shuffling them around.

Someone putting a coin in one of those little prize machines at the grocery store and turning the dial til the prize falls.

A teacher shuffling papers and then ripping papers out of a workbook.

A hand coming out of a wind-up coffin toy trying to retrieve the penny to pull into the bank of the coffin.

Rustling through a drawer of miscellaneous stuff in your kitchen.

An old Xerox in operation.

The boxes on a water truck, tool boxes rattling.

Unlocking a door.

Me completely blowing this contest and getting it wrong and my wife stuffing me in a coffin and putting a nail in it.

An old printing press that is folding and shuffling papers.

A jukebox shuffling old time country music 45s.

Putting money in a cash register.

Getting into your car and putting the key into the ignition.

Snaking a clogged drain.

Taking the cellophane wrapper off of a bag of popcorn and putting it into the microwave and popping it.

Ruffling through papers and putting them in a file cabinet.

Putting money in a machine and letting it count it.

A letter stamp shuffler.

Going through files in a file cabinet and closing it.

Taking a letter opener and opening a piece of mail.

A copy machine.

Somebody taking a roladex card and flipping the roladex over and the cards flipping around.

A printer.

Going through files in a file cabinet, shutting the door, and locking it.

Opening up mail and pulling it out of the envelope.

A roladex.

Week 2 (Beginning May 22nd, 2023)

Flipping of a roladex while you’re looking for a number.

Sharpening a knife and placing it into a knife box.

Clearing off the table with your arm and hand, pushing everything on the floor.

Pumping the foot pedal on a barber’s chair to raise it up.

Cutting a stack of paper with a paper slicer.

An electric letter addressing machine.

Shuffling knives in a drawer.

Flipping venetian blinds open and closed over and over.

Making copies or printing something off of a printer or copier.

A video tape being placed into a VCR player.

Somebody at the desk shuffling papers.

The players throwing their helmets on the ground.

A claw machine. Putting money in a claw machine and trying to win a prize.

Arranging papers into piles and stapling them together to make a packet.

Someone using a manual metal date stamper to stamp a pile of papers.

Changing the month on a paper calendar.

A photocopy machine.

Someone putting cash in a cash register.

Someone at a desk going through a roladex.

Holding a book in one hand while using the thumb on the other hand to flip the pages.

Removing a page off a desktop calendar, balling it up, and throwing it away.

Moving folders from a file cabinet then shutting the file cabinet.

Unfolding chairs and setting up for a wedding, and outdoor wedding.

Flipping the pages through a Maryland map.

A copier or printer making two-sided copies and putting it into an output tray.

Opening a safe deposit box.

Printing the checks to payout the winner for the Secret Sound.

Flipping through a photo album to put pictures in date order.

Opening up a file cabinet drawer, filing a file, and locking the drawer.

Photocopying the rules to this contest, then flipping through the pages.

Week 3 (Beginning May 30th, 2023)

Weaving on a hand loom.

Rearranging chairs on a patio or deck.

Opening your P.O. box, closing it, and locking it.

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Organizing or rummaging through a kitchen utensil drawer.

Flipping through pages of a daily planner and pulling pages out.

Somebody opening up an electrical panel and flipping the switches and shutting them back.

Getting your keys to the office, opening the door, and going inside.

Making copies on a copy machine and the pages being printed off.

Shuffling three folders in a file cabinet, closing the drawer, and locking the key.

Opening a calendar, flipping through the months, and putting out the new days.

Flipping through papers, putting them in a file cabinet, and locking it.

Opening a ream of copy paper and then putting it into a printer.

Polaroid printing out a picture then sorting through pictures.

Shuffling photos in a photo album and closing the lid.

Placing printer paper into the paper tray, making a copy and taking it out of the printer tray.

Opening up a file cabinet, shuffling through the papers and the files and closing it.

Someone opening and closing a door to their new home and starting the process of moving in unpacking and rearranging furniture and your belongings.

Shuffling and going through pages of a photo album rearranging the pages into a ring binder and closing it back up.

Shutting down a projector from a movie clip premiere and turning off the power.

Rearranging papers, putting them in the drawer of a copier and closing it.

A slide projector that’s finishing and then shutting the projector screen.

Loading paper into a print copy machine and closing the door.

Opening a file drawer flipping through files and putting papers away and shutting the file drawer.