Secret Sound

Our WFRE Tri-County Pumps “Secret Sound” is back & could win you a lot of FREE CASH, with the jackpot having kicked off at $1,000 & growing by $25 with each incorrect guess. Listen to play each weekday in the 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm hours. And be sure to check out all the incorrect guesses (listed below), which are updated daily.

Daily Clues: Each weekday morning, Tri-County Pumps’ Billy Griffith will share a helpful daily clue with The Free Country Wake-Up Crew. That clue will also be re-shared at various random times throughout that same day.

Bonus Clue: If you’re a member of the WFRE Country Club, you’ll also be receiving a weekly BONUS CLUE each Friday afternoon during contesting (beginning Friday, November 4th). Not a member of the WFRE Country Club yet? Click here to get registered!

Click here to download & review the official rules.


Week One  (Beginning October 24, 2022)

Emptying a trash bag and letting the trash fall down the chute.


A bag of aluminum cans being dragged

Opening a utensil drawer and moving utensils around.

Foil ripping off a roll

Somebody with a metal trash can making a noise

Stuffing metal cans into a trash can and shoving them around.

Sounds like a ladder fell down in the garage

A bagful of aluminum cans getting poured out

Opening the freezer and rummaging through the ice tray

Somebody dragging tin across concrete.

Opening a package with scissors, dropping the scissors, and ripping off the tape.

Someone put a lid on a metal trash can and drug it across the garage floor.

Opening a box of aluminum foil and ripping off a sheet.

Opening a bag of nuts and pouring them into a plastic container.

Opening a fridge and squishing a plastic bottle.

Sounds like when I open up the kitchen cabinet and all the pots and pans come down on the floor.

Opening a trash bag.

Is it an ice machine?

Is that a dishwasher going through a cycle?

Putting a drink down and closing up a chip bag.

A metal trash can being rinsed out with a hose.

Packing tape.

Washing a metal pot in a sink.

A piece of metal roofing being drug across gravel

Somebody raking leaves

Removing the lid and grate from a grill and pouring in charcoal

Taking the lid off a container, setting it down, and dumping change into the coin counter.

One of those garage doors that has the chain you pull.

Putting a coin in a soda machine and making a selection.

Week Two  (Beginning October 31, 2022)

Someone walking into the Free Country WFRE station and closing the door and opening their Secret Sound grand prize.

A cash register machine.

Ice sliding off a tin roof onto another roof and then on the ground.

Ripping tape off of cardboard.

Opening the trash door and throwing your trash down the chute.

Setting a metal roof against your house gutter and carrying a string of lights up to the top.

Getting an ice bucket and getting ice from an ice machine

Someone pushing the handle on a toilet then the water being flushed

Unlocking a latch on a garage door and tossing it open

A metal rake going over gravel.

Somebody throwing cardboard into a compactor.

The opening of a box of aluminum foil and tearing a sheet off.

Unlocking and then rolling up a door like you’d have on a store front

Pushing an ice making machine and filling up a bucket of ice

Aluminum siding falling and crumbling

Retrieving silverware from the dishwasher and putting it on the countertop.

Someone having explosive diarrhea.

A toilet flushing.

Somebody opening up the door to an ice machine and scooping out the ice with a bucket

Tossing loose change into a coin machine and having it counted out.

Opening a cabinet door, grabbing a pot and then all the other pots fall out

Shoveling snow off the driveway

Twisting an ice tray and dumping the ice into a bucket

Unlocking a jail cell door and opening it

Tossing a soda can into the trash and kicking it over

Putting the lid on a tin trash can putting the trash cans in a trash can corral and pulling the chain across the handles and the lids to secure them so they don’t blow away

Sounds like you took a head of lettuce and pounded it against the counter to take the core of the lettuce out

Hitting a coin release on a machine and coins coming out.

A threshing machine working.

Opening up the bag of lettuce and tossing it in the bowl.

Week Three  (Beginning November 7, 2022)

Unlatching and rolling up an overhead door.

Ripping a paper toilet seat cover off and putting it on the toilet.

Breaking ice out of an ice cube tray and tossing it into a glass.

Sticking a trash bag in a trash can and tossing in can.

Taping up a box.

Unlocking a master lock or padlock, pulling the key out of the lock, pulling the lock out of the latch and sliding open the latch and lifting open the overhead roll-up door to a storage unit.

Ripping open a bag of pretzel sticks and dumping them into a container, kind of tossing them around so they all fit.

An older shovel-head pin-head Harley, starting one.

Tossing a stick into a fire pit and pouring gas over it.

All the voters going out to drain the swamp.

Unlocking a metal garage door and pushing it up.

A dragster starting.

Putting coins in the coin slot of a pool table, pushing it in, and letting the balls release.

Using a manually-held packaging tape device, putting it on the end of the package, pulling it across, and snapping it shut.

Opening a bag of cookies and tossing them into a bowl and mixing them up.

Tossing a stick into a chipper and turning it into mulch.

Selecting an item at a vending machine, having it drop to the bottom, and taking it out.

Sticks in a metal trash can.

Shaking container of plastic pick up sticks and tossing them onto the table.

Taking coins and placing them in a vending machine.

Somebody turning a hand crank on an old tractor to fire it up.

Tossing a stick into a shredder.

Sticking your hand inside a vending machine and pulling out a bear claw.

Ice falling down into an ice maker.

Metal locker being opened and a chain being pulled out.

Tossing a stick into a trash can then pulling the bag out.

Shoveling an icy driveway covered with snow.

Tossing a stick into a wood chipper.

Taking coins and dumping them in a coin machine and then shaking the thing to get all the coins down.

Scooping ice out of an ice machine and pouring it into an ice bucket.

Week Four (Beginning November 14, 2022)

Pouring match sticks into a container and turning it over.

Getting a soda out of a vending machine.

Taking the lid off a metal trash can and pouring animal feed into it.

Tossing a stick into a trash can and sliding it across the floor.

Taking a box of aluminum foil out of the cabinet, tearing a piece off, and putting it back.

Throwing a lid to a metal trash can onto a concrete floor and dumping sticks into the metal trash can.

Tossing a stick in to a paper shredder and then turning it on.

Tossing an empty stick of deodorant into the trash and opening a brand new one.

Breaking a stick in half and tossing it into a wood chipper.

Ripping the packaging off a stick of deodorant and tossing it into the trash can.

Pulling out aluminum foil from the box, ripping the aluminum foil and putting it over the top of a turkey, and placing the turkey in the oven.

Pouring wood pellets into a wood pellet hopper and the hopper has the rotating auger putting them into the stove.

Taking the wrapper off a stick of deodorant and tossing it.

Tossing a drum stick underhanded at aluminum ladders and causing them to overturn.

Taking a Dove candy bar out of the bag and unwrapping it.

Removing plastic from a stick of deodorant and tossing it in the trash.

Getting a present and tearing off the wrapping paper on it and wrapping it.

Opening up the washing machine coin thing, and dumping the coins into a bucket.

Putting a can in a can crusher, crushing the can and letting it drop into a bag of cans and then pulling the bag out.

Tossing a stick into an aluminum trash can putting the lid back on and then pulling the chain across to secure them

Removing plastic wrapper from deodorant stick and tossing into the trash
Opening up a metal tool box and rummaging around for a certain tool.

Opening the recycle bin and tossing in a used sick of deodorant.

Opening a foot pedal stainless steel trash can and tossing sticks of deodorant.

Unwrapping a stick of deodorant and tossing the packaging into the trash.

Tossing a stick of deodorant into a compactor at the landfill.

Opening a Ziploc bag of pushpins and spilling them into a metal box.

Opening a stick of deodorant, tossing the plastic in an aluminum can.

Tossing a deodorant stick into the wastebasket and kicking it over.

Week Five (Beginning November 21, 2022)

Tossing a stick of deodorant into a metal trash can and knocking it over.

Throwing a stick of deodorant into a metal trash can and the can spinning around before falling over.

Tossing a stick of deodorant into a plastic bag and spinning it.

Tossing a stick of deodorant into a metal spinning top trash can and causing it to overturn.

Putting money into a hygiene vending machine, pushing the button, and dispensing a stick of deodorant.

Aluminum cans falling together.

Pouring broken glass shards into an aluminum trash can.

Tossing a stick of deodorant in a trash can and spinning over.

A big concrete truck releasing concrete.

Opening a stick of deodorant and tossing the wrapper in the trash.

Tossing a stick of deodorant onto a metal lid and spinning it around.

Someone putting a can into a recycle return machine and it’s crushing.

Taking a stick of deodorant, spinning it on the table, then throwing it in the trash.

Tossing a stick of deodorant into a spinning lid metal trash can.

Somebody pulling the plastic off of a two-pack of deodorant.

Tossing a stick of deodorant onto a metal lid and spinning it.

Throwing a stick of deodorant in a metal trash can, knocking it over, and it rolling across the floor.

Pouring change into one of them machines that count it.