Secret Sound

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel from Waynesboro, PA, who correctly guessed “Crushing dry pasta in a plastic bowl with a wooden pestle”, and won $5,725!

WFRE’s Tri-County Pumps’ Secret Sound is coming back with even more cash for you to win starting next week!  Beginning Monday, May 6th, listen weekdays during the 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm hours to be caller nine to guess our Secret Sound. 

The jackpot will kick off at a whopping $2,500, and will only get bigger from there with $25 going into the pot after each incorrect guess. But if you can provide that one correct answer, then the entire progressive jackpot will be all yours.  It’s guaranteed cash that someone in or around Frederick WILL win…and that “someone” could be you!

Daily Clues: Each weekday morning, Tri-County Pumps’ Billy Griffith shared a helpful daily clue with The Free Country Wake-Up Crew. That clue was also re-shared at various random times throughout the day.

Bonus Clue: WFRE Country Club members also received weekly BONUS CLUES each Friday afternoon during contesting. Not a member of the WFRE Country Club? Click here to get registered!

Click here to download & review the official rules.