Two Suspects Arrested In Connection With Scam In Hagerstown

(Binbin Ge and Jinghai Fang)

Hagerstown, Md. (BW)- Two suspects in a scam have been arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Apr 10.

The scam began on Mar 30 when the victim recieved a notification one of their accounts has been hacked. The victim contacted the phone number provided, and after multiple phone calls, became convinced to withdraw cash and hand it over to suspects impersonating federal law enforcement officers.

Shortly after the exchange, the victim contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and deputies began an investigation.

While the investigation was underway, the suspects contacted the victim again and arranged another meeting to collect $60,000.

When the suspects arrived at the victim’s home, they were arrested.

The suspects are identified as 52-year-old Jinghai Fang and 26-year-old Binbin Ge, both from New York.

They are being held at the Washington County Detention Center.