Three Individuals Charged With Burglary In Carroll County

(Dwayne Ford Sr.)

Westminster, Md. (BW)- Three individuals were charged with burglary by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, May 14.

Deputies received a call Tuesday morning around 8:17 a.m. for a suspicious U-Haul van with cardboard covering it’s registration plate. They located the van in the parking lot of BJ’s on Market Street in Westminster. Police observed several individuals walking from the area of the van into the store.

As the van pulled out of the parking lot, deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle and the only occupant at the time was 56-year-old Dwayne Ford Sr. of Baltimore. When asked to step out of the vehicle, he refused, and began to flee eastbound on Route 140. Deputies called off the pursuit due to safety reasons, but contacted law enforcement in Baltimore. The van was eventually stopped by Baltimore City Police and Ford was arrested.

He was charged with fourth degree burglary, first and second degree assault, resisting arrest and multiple traffic violations.

Carroll County Sheriff’s deputies also arrested 34-year-old Leon Dennis of Forest Park and 40-year-old Callie Morgan of Baltimore as the exited BJ’s. They were each charged with fourth degree burglary. Dennis was also charged with fraudulent personal identification.

Another male suspected of being involved was taken to a local hospital due to signs of an overdose. He has not been officially charged.