Religious Coalition Now Has A New Name

It’s now Beyond Shelter Frederick.

Beyond Shelter Frederick

Frederick, Md (KM) What was once known as the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs is now called Beyond Shelter Frederick. The new name was announced last week by the organization. “We worked for the last two years that this as a move in the right direction,” says Executive Director Nick Brown.

He says under the old name, many clients who needed help were hesitant to contact the Religious Coalition because they thought it was religious organization which would require them to participate in religious activities  something it’s  never required. He says the organization has been turned down for grants because of the old name. “We have been declined a number of times because funders thought we were a church, or one of those religious activity requiring organizations,” says Brown. “So we wanted to get the clarity out as far what is our mission is and what we do.”

Beyond Shelter Frederick provides shelter for  the homeless, along with rental and utility assistance, and financial assistance for health needs like prescriptions and dental procedures.

However, Brown notes that Beyond Shelter Frederick, and previously the Religious Coalition, has some religious roots. “The Religious Coalition was founded by a group of local congregations and faith leaders to address the needs on the street,” he says. “And that has certainly been the mission that we have always operated under, and the ones that will continue to govern us.”

Brown says the reaction to the name change has been favorable. “So we’ve been very warmly embraced. During the initial roll out event, lots and lots of congratulations. and everybody really loves the name.” he says

Beyond Shelter Frederick will continue to offer the services expected by the community, but a new one could be added  in the future. “We are looking to certainly expand our reach potentially into what’s known as permanently supportive housing. It’s a permanent housing option for those that we service,”: he says. “So that’s a little bit of costly program to operate. There a few providers doing it, currently. But that’s one possible venue that we look it. Whichever program is newly developed, we’re looking at creating those off ramps from homelessness into something more stable.”

By Kevin McManus