Md. Department Of Health Reports First Heat-Related Death Of 2024

It reminds residents to take precautions in extreme heat and humidity.

Md. Department of Health

Baltimore, Md (KM) The Maryland Department of Health is reporting the first heat-related death of  2024.  It was a 59-year-old Prince George’s County man.

“We are very saddened to report our first heat-related death of the 2024 season,”  says Deputy Director of Public Health Services,  Nilesh Kayanaraman. “As we experience more hot days In Maryland this summer, this tragedy reminds us to take the necessary steps to avoid overheating. Also, be sure to check on family, friends and neighbors who may be particularly vulnerable to heat, including young children, senior citizens and people with chronic diseases.”

Officials with the Health Department says it’s important to take steps on days when temperatures are hotter and more humid than normal. That includes drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding alcohol, caffeine and overly sweetened beverages. People should also wear loose fitting, light weigh and  light- colored clothing, avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreen and stay in the shade where possible. Residents and visitors to Maryland are also urged to avoid salt tablets unless advised by a doctor to take them.  In addition, they should  schedule  any physical activity in the morning and evening when temperatures are cooler, and take breaks if necessary,

The Health Department says some warning signs of a heat-related illness include heat exhaustion, heat stroke or heat cramps.

Marylanders are also advised not to leave children or pets in a car during hot weather, even with the windows cracked. Health Department officials says check twice to make sure that children and pets are not in a vehicle. On an 80-degree day, within one half hour, temperatures inside a vehicle  can  climb to well over 100 degrees.

By Kevin McManus