Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Says It’s Receiving Complaints About Phone Scams

The number popping up on caller i.d.’s is a Sheriff’s Office phone number.

Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says it has been receiving complaints from citizens about phone calls showing up on their caller i.d.’s as originating from  a Sheriff’s; Office phone number (301-600-1046). .

The caller says the individual has failed to appear in court for jury duty, and has an active warrant for their arrest. The recipient of the call is told that if they electronically send a certain amount of money, the warrant will be taken care of, and the individual does not need to appear in court.

The Sheriff’s Office says no local, state or federal law enforcement agency will ever solicit money to eliminate any form of court-issued paperwork, missing jury duty or any criminal or civil court date.

Authorities strongly urge anyone who receives this type of call not to give out any personal information such as bank account numbers. Hang up immediately, and contact local law enforcement and report this fraudulent attempt.

By Kevin McManus