Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Says It’s Making Progress In Stopping Retail Theft

He says that’s gangs stealing large amounts  of merchandise and walking  out the store.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Frederick, Md (KM) It’s a crime that has been taking place across the country where gangs of mostly young people enter stores, take as much merchandise as they can, and walk out without paying for it.  Oftentimes, store security can’t stop it.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins spoke about that recently during an appearance on WFMD. He said retailers who have been victims of these crimes often don’t call police, even after the fact. “My commanders and myself we had the leadership of the retail box stores, the loss prevention people, we brought them in. and said ‘listen, I don’t know what your corporate policy is as far as allowing people to run out the door with everything, it ain’t gonna happen here in Frederick. We want to stop it. We want to help you out,’” he said.

Jenkins say the meeting had an impact. “This past shopping season during Christmas, they started to cooperate And it was very effective. with us. So instead of letting these small gangs run out of the store with cartloads of merchandise, they would call us and it was very effective. We shut it down virtually,” he said..

His conclusion: “It’s just how much you’re willing to put up and tolerate, and if you’re willing to step up and enforce the law,” he said. “We said rather than let them run out the door with the carts, then they load it  in the cars and they take off down the road and we have to chase them We’re not  doing that. You call us and we’ll be at the door to intercept them.”

By Kevin McManus