Bill Passed By General Assembly Imposes Stiffer Penalties For Threatening Election Workers

It was signed on Tuesday by Governor Wes Moore.

Annapolis, Md (KM) Residents who make threats against election officials. poll workers or their immediate family members based on their role in administrating the election process will  be facing penalties under a bill passed by the General Assembly, and signed into law by the Governor. Violators could face a prison time of up to three years, and a fine of up to $2500..

The elections officials and their immediate family members are:

*The State Administrator of Elections
*A member of the State Board of Elections
*A member a local board of elections
*An employee of a local board of elections
*An election judge

This is an emergency bill which will be in effect for the May 14th Primary election in Maryland.

The state’s Department of Legislative Services says Maryland is the 15th state to adopt protections for elections officials and other poll workers since the 2020 election.

The Maryland General Assembly passed two other bills during the recent  session dealing with elections. One updates requirements for canvassers to investigate when any errors   in documents or records at a polling place are detected after the election. The other bill defines what paper records  local boards  of election must preserve and store recounts. These bills  await the Governor’s signature.

By Kevin McManus