Drew’s Pigskin Pick’Em!

Thanks to our partners at Long Fence, WFRE’s resident Sports Expert, Drew, is hosting a Pigskin Pick’Em Contest for the 2023 professional football season! 

Here are the current standings:

It’s simple to participate, you just pick who the winner will be of each game on the schedule for that week. No spreads involved. The listener with the most correct picks each week will win a prize. The listener with the most correct picks throughout the whole season will win the GRAND PRIZE! 

Drew will announce the weekly winner during Free Country Nights every Tuesday night during the season.

Once the Thursday night game starts, you CAN still make your picks for the rest of the weekend’s games, you just won’t get credit for that one game.

Good luck!

LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER WEEK PER PERSON! (If you put in more than one entry, the FIRST one you submitted will be the one that’s accepted).

Drew’s Pigskin Pick’Em is brought to you by: