Drew’s Pigskin Pick’Em for the BIG GAME!

WFRE’s resident Sports Expert, Drew, is hosting a Pigskin Pick’Em Contest for the BIG GAME coming up on February, 11th between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers …  

It’s simple to participate, we’ve got a bunch of fun questions all centered around the big game from the result of the coin toss to what color Gatorade will be dropped on the winning coach after the game. You get 1 point for getting a multiple choice answer correct and 2 points for getting a short answer correct. The listener with the most correct picks will win a $100 GIFT CARD TO APPLEBEES!  

LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! You can submit your picks right up until 6pm on Sunday February 11th before the game begins. (If you enter more than 1 time, the 1st one you submitted will be the one that’s accepted).


Carlos got 12 points in the pick’em. What put him over the top was being one of only 2 (of our 87 entries) people who got Usher’s first song correct. Below I have listed all of the questions and the correct answers…

  1. Which team wins the Big Game? CHIEFS
  2. What will be the result of the Coin Toss? HEADS
  3. What will be the length of Reba McEntire’s National Anthem Performance (From when she sings her first note to ends her last note)? 85 SECONDS OR MORE
  4. Which Head Coach will be shown first during the National Anthem? 49ERS COACH: KYLE SHANAHAN
  5. Taylor Swift will be shown on TV during the National Anthem performance by Reba? NO
  6. Which brand of car will get the 1st commercial during the Big Game? BMW
  7. There will be a 50+ Yard Field Goal Made in the Game? YES
  8. What will be the 1st Animal featured in a commercial during the Big Game? APE (i accepted any kind of monkey)
  9. What will be Usher’s 1st Song Performed during his Big Game Halftime Show? CAUGHT UP
  10. Will there be a guest performer during Usher’s Big Game Halftime Show? YES
  11. Number of Songs that Usher will sing during his Big Game Halftime Show? 9 OR MORE SONGS
  12. Does Chiefs TE Travis Kelce have MORE THAN 89 Receiving Yards? YES
  13. Total Number of Touchdowns Scored in the Big Game? 4 OR LESS TDs
  14. What will be the Color of the Gatorade that will be thrown on top of the Winning Coach after the Game? PURPLE
  15. Who will be the Big Game MVP? PATRICK MAHOMES
  16. Does Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game? NO
  17. Who will the Big Game MVP thank first during his Post Game Interview? GOD