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{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily’s Favorite Things

Now that Lily is almost 2, she is into a lot of fun new things!

She still loves being outside, but now she loves to play “get me”…her little game like chase. She will say “Mommy, get me!” and then turn and run from me until I “get her” and pick her up and swing her around. So, we love to play that game when she’s not chasing her friends around outside at daycare.

She also loves to read her books herself now. She won’t always let me hold her and read to her, which makes me a little sad sometimes, but I love that she is so into her books. We have a new “potty” book that we started reading so she can start getting used to the idea of using the “big girl potty!”

She’s OBSESSED with Elmo and Abby Cadabby; so every night we watch Sesame Street and have to fast forward to Elmo’s World so she can watch that before she goes to bed. She has all of the characters as stuffed animals (a sweet gift from her Aunt) and she loves to snuggle and play with them. I even got her an Abby Cadabby costume for Halloween! It’s SO CUTE, so when it arrived, I tried to try it on her….nope. She wanted nothing to do with it. So we will see how that goes…

Jumping on and off of things is a new thing she likes to do, too. She tries to scare me and then laughs at me for making a shocked face when she leaps off of our ottoman onto the couch like superman. This girl wants to jump off of everything…I really have to watch her. She likes to jump off the bottom step, off the sidewalk onto the grass, off her climbing equipment in the playroom…pretty much anything. Luckily nothing that’s too high!

<3 Katie Ryan

{Katie’s Baby Blog} My (ALMOST) 2 Year Old!

I can’t believe how big Lily is now!! She will be 22 months tomorrow and it’s crazy how much she has grown and learned in the past couple months.

Shes a BIG talker…to the point where everyone is shocked when they hear how much she is saying already ( I wonder where she gets that 😉 ) She knows her ABC’s and can count to 10, and is keeping us busy and running around all day!

Check out the video below of her counting. We’re so proud!!

<3 Katie Ryan

{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily is Still Not Sure About the Beach…


Last week my family and I took a trip to Cape Cod, MA where we stayed in a super cute little cottage right in Plymouth on White Horse Beach!

It was so fun. I’ve never really traveled that far up North and everything is so beautiful! Our cottage house was right on the beach…I mean, opened the door to the deck and walk down the stairs onto sand, close!

So, I warned Lily multiple times about us going to the beach because she DID NOT like the sand the first time we went. She didn’t love it this time either. BUT! I did get her to walk in the sand and the water by putting water shoes on her feet! That was HUGE for her!!! She was slow and didn’t want to walk around too much, but she did it and we were so proud 😉

The rest of our trip was filled with us visiting Salem, MA and going to the Salem Witch Museum, which I highly recommend, if you get the chance. The entire town of Salem is SO cool and apparently the BEST place to be on Halloween.

We saw the most beautiful sunsets on Cape Cod, Encounter Beach is amazing for that! But, my favorite part by far…THE FOOD!!! The LOBSTAH rolls…omg…I would go back (drive 8 hours) just to have another from there. All of the seafood was so fresh and delicious.

Plymouth is a really cool town to tour as well. We went to Plymouth Plantation and saw the Pilgrams little town and the houses they lived in, we went to Plymouth Rock, and shopped in downtown Plymouth– that was probably my favorite place we visited.

Definitely an amazing trip! I can’t wait to see how Lily does the next time we head to the beach…I’m hoping each time we go she likes it even more!!

<3 Katie Ryan

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