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{Katie’s Baby Blog} One Week Until Baby!

One week!!! Boy are we ready to meet this baby girl 😉

If you thought I was out last week because I had the baby, no…it was a kidney stone. AWFUL. WORSE PAIN EVER. I was in the hospital for 4 days in horrible pain until I passed the stone, finally. I feel like i’m still recovering.

So i’m glad I had this week in between my c-section to recover from the kidney stone before I have to recover from delivering.

After today, I start my maternity leave and then I wont be back until the end of June! Can’t wait to spend all of that time with my babies.

It’s so cute because every time Tim and I go somewhere without Lily and then come home, she asks “Did you bring home my baby sister?” She is so excited!!

Follow me on my facebook and instagram @katieryan5234 — I will make sure to post plenty of pictures updates while i’m out!


{Katie’s Baby Blog} Sprinkle at Work!!

My co-workers threw me a surprise sprinkle this week!!! It was a pink St. Patrick’s Day gathering 🙂

I had no clue they were planning the event and went into a meeting, while they decorated the conference room and put up pink balloons, signs, and cute baby decorations. When I got out of my meeting–I was told we had another meeting…which was the surprise!

We played a fun shower game where you guess the kids from different popular tv shows, ate ROY ROGERS…who brought all of our favorite sandwiches and sides and then got special cookies and heart shaped moon pies from Clustered Spires Bakery…YUM!

I opened beautiful cards and gifts from co-workers for baby girl!!! She is going to be so spoiled <3


Pictures below!

{Katie’s Baby Blog} 35 Weeks!

Baby is now as big as a spaghetti squash…and that is exactly what it feels like i’m carrying around!

I’m so ready for her to come out!

I’m officially exhausted, uncomfortable, my back hurts and I’m ready to meet this girl and get back to normal!

I keep telling Tim, “I don’t know how I can get any bigger…” and then I wake up and know that my stomach has grown overnight!

Plans for this weekend– pack our bags for the hospital, wash baby clothes, get organized and SLEEP!


New Mom!


Katie will be sharing the story of becoming a new mom!

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