GIVEAWAY: Sons of the Pioneers

WFRE and your local Roy Rogers restaurants want to send you to “Sons of the Pioneers” at the Weinberg Center on Sunday, March 17th!

Just stop by any of the Frederick area Roy Rogers between now and March 13th to enter your name in the “Sons of the Pioneers” contest box! This legendary group was formed by Roy Rogers himself in 1934 and they have carried the torch of western music with thrilling harmonies and vivid storytelling ever since. So stop into your local Roy Rogers restaurant and enter for your chance today!

Venue: Weinberg Center
The Weinberg Center is a venue located in Frederick, Maryland. It holds various showings of music, theatre, films and visual art. The theatre was built as the Tivoli Theatre by the Stanley-Crandall
20 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: (301) 600-2828