MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Debunking Beer Myths On International Beer Day

For International Beer Day (8/05/22), let’s celebrate by debunking four of the biggest myths about beer:

1.  Drinking a lot of beer gives you a beer belly.

Beer on its own doesn’t cause a belly.  It’s a combination of too many calories in general & a sedentary lifestyle.

 2.  Dark beers are stronger than light beers.

Light beers are lighter in color and body, but that doesn’t mean dark beers have more alcohol. For example, Guinness contains 4.2% ABV while Budweiser is stronger at 5%.

3.  Beer should always be served ice cold.

In fact, ice cold temperatures can actually ruin the flavor of a good beer (at least according to beer industry experts).

4.  Draft beer gives you a hangover.

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, no matter the type, will cause a hangover. Alcohol is technically a poison that your body has to work hard to get rid of. And that hard work is what we call a hangover, which every human being has to go through (albeit at different levels of discomfort).

The main thing to remember as you celebrate International Beer Day today is one simple word: moderation. Oh, and if you’re drinking absolutely do not drive.

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