MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What Do The Stars Next To Elevator Numbers Mean?

If you’ve ever ridden in an elevator, you may have noticed that some of the floor numbers have a star next to them. What do those stars mean? Is it where the “stars” (celebrities) stay? Maybe it’s the hotel manager’s favorite floor? No, there’s actually a much more practical use for those particular stars.

Whenever you see a star next to an elevator button taking you to a particular floor, or maybe you might see it next to the number where the door opens (which is called the ‘jamb’), what that star means is that that floor is the location with the closest or nearest exit to the outside the building. That’s why it isn’t always going to be on the same floor in every elevator: sometimes it’ll be on the first floor, sometimes it will be on ground floor, and then other times it may be some other floor. The basic reason the starred floor numbers exists is to tell you where the nearest outlet to the street outside the building is. It’s basically a safety & convenience thing.

So, the next time you’re riding in an elevator keep your eyes on the stars…they’re there for a reason that might actually save your life one day (or at least get you where you’re going more efficiently).

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