MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Do Kids In Other Countries Leave Cookies & Milk For Santa?

Most families that celebrate Christmas here in the US leave out cookies & milk for Santa & carrots for his reindeer. But is that a worldwide habit? What do other countries provide as snack food for Santa? Well actually, the big guy doesn’t spend his entire 24-hour present-delivery schedule eating only cookies & milk.

Santa actually starts his trek down under in Australia. And what better way to kick off the holiday than with an ice-cold beer?! There’s always a beer (and sometimes cookies & milk). But the beer is key!

Then, it’s a long flight from Australia to Sweden, so kids leave out coffee for Tomte, as St. Nick is called there.

Santa’s probably hungry again by the time he makes it to Denmark, which is why kids there leave out rice pudding. Santa needs his carbs for energy, after all!

In The Netherlands, kids don’t leave Santa treats. They leave treats for his horse, Sinterklaas, like carrots, hay, and water. I guess the reindeer don’t fly everywhere.

In France, Santa gets biscuits, while his reindeer get carrots. French kids leave these treats in their shoes & in the morning they’re replaced with small toys.

In the UK, Santa gets mince pies, which are basically meat pies, that are hearty, delicious, perfect after all the sweets during the early part of his journey.

Once he heads over to Ireland, Santa gets to tip one back once again, as the Irish leave out a pint of Guinness for Mr. Kringle. (Which hopefully means Santa’s upgraded to a self-driving sleigh to avoid drinking & driving for his trip over the ocean!

And in Chile, Santa has rum-filled sponge cake to look forward to once he reaches South America, which sounds like the perfect way to round out his night.

Whatever kind of cookie you leave out for Santa, I’m sure he’ll love & appreciate them. Just don’t forget the milk.

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