MUNDANE MYSTERIES: We Eat Chicken Eggs…Why Not Turkey Eggs?

When you think Thanksgiving, you usually think…turkey. Turkey is the 4th favorite meat in America, while chicken is #1. We eat both chicken meat AND chicken eggs, right? So why don’t we eat Turkey eggs? Why are turkey eggs never available at grocery stores or specialty markets?

It really doesn’t have anything to do with their edibility, people who’ve tasted them say they actually taste just as good as chicken eggs (some folks say even better). The real reason? Turkey eggs are fairly impractical to produce.

The main difference between the two different kinds of eggs is size. Turkey eggs are a bit larger, and have a harder shell & thicker membrane, than chicken eggs. Based on their size & the farming methods used to produce them, though, turkey eggs would cost around $3 per egg. Sure, there are lots of other luxury food items that go for more than $3 per unit, but would turkey eggs be worth that high price? Most likely not, since those folks who’ve had them say they taste almost exactly like the far cheaper chicken egg.

Turkey eggs do have a few advantages over the more affordable chicken egg. Turkey egg yolks are said to be richer & creamier, which means they’d be ideal to use to make sauces. And some chefs even claim they’re better for baking than chicken eggs.

But if you’d still want to try turkey eggs for yourself, they’re not impossible to get your hands on. You just have to visit your nearest turkey farm & ask them to sell you some.

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