MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Can You Text On An Airplane?

Most folks can make it through a short flight by reading something or chatting up fellow passengers. But you probably need a bit more entertainment for a longer flight, which might mean texting your friends & family. Do airlines even allow texting during flights, though?

Technically, yes, they do. You can send text messages while your flight is in the air, but only if you’re connected to the plane’s Wi-Fi. With it, you can log on at any point during your flight, but there will be limited bandwidth, which will probably mean certain sites will run slower (think Facebook or email).

Pretty much every airline offers in-flight Wi-Fi now (except for budget carriers, like Frontier). However, some airlines (American & United, for instance) do charge a fee for it. There are some airlines that also offer free text messaging through their own apps, which you’d need to download before your flight.

Definitely don’t forget to put your phone in airplane mode before the flight gets in the air, though. What does airplane mode do? It turns off your phone’s cellular connection, so that it won’t disrupt the sensors of the plane (which is mainly why the FCC still bans people from making cellular calls while in the air).

If you just can’t deal with being disconnected from the world below while you’re flying the friendly skies, check with the airline for your flight’s available Wi-Fi options before you buy your ticket. On their websites, all the major airline tell you if they offer Wi-Fi or allow text messages using certain apps.

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