MUNDANE MYSTERIES: The Difference Between Men’s & Women’s Razors

Razors are used to cut things. But, when it comes to shaving razors, the industry tends to try & differentiate men’s razors from women’s. But, aside from their colors (usually pink or other pastels for ladies, and some mixture of blue, gray, and/or orange for guys), is there any real difference between men’s & women’s razors? Well, actually yes, there is. And it comes down to what they’re used on.

Ladies’ razors are designed to cover a lot of ground, shaving legs, armpits, and other sensitive areas. Since that’s a pretty decent amount of surface area, a ladies’ razor head is oftentimes bigger than that of a guy’s. Plus, it’s also usually rounded, which is supposed to make it easier to navigate around knee & ankle contours. A lot of times, the handle’s also rounded & has grooves that help you keep a solid grip throughout the shaving procedure. Ladies’ razors can also feature two lubricating strips, one at the top of the blades & the other at the bottom, which help to moisturize skin & prevent the inevitable nicks that can happen when shearing such a large area.

Guys’ razors, on the other hand, are primarily intended to shave necks & faces. And, despite what you may have heard, the blades on men’s razors aren’t really any sharper or of higher-quality than women’s. But, they are more closely packed together in the razor’s head. Because, as facial hair is pretty coarse, tighter blades usually means a closer & better shave. Plus, the smaller, squared head of a men’s razor enables you to be more precise about which areas you’re trying to shave.

Now, with that said, there are a ton of variations as far as razor designs go, which means they’re definitely not one-size-fits-all. So, if you’re a lady who feels the benefit of tightly packed blades outweighs the drawback of a smaller head when shaving your legs, then by all means, go with a men’s razor. It’ll probably cheaper, too, since that’s another verifiable difference (as unfair as that may be).

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