{Katie’s Baby Blog} What to Pack?!

I can officially say “baby girl will be here next month!”

So…I should probably start thinking about packing my hospital bag and getting organized, right? Because…I haven’t done anything like that yet!

There are so many checklist that you can find online and some of them will tell you to literally pack EVERYTHING… just in case. I found that a lot of the stuff that people put on the longer list is totally unnecessary. The hospital gives you SO MUCH of the things that you might think you need to bring yourself…especially when it comes to the baby.

Now, this time around, my delivery is a planned c-section… so we know when we are going in and my list will be a little shorter because I don’t have to go through labor this time.

But you definitely need to think about three different people while packing- Mom, baby and Dad.

Things that I definitely want to pack for myself:

-3 Cozy PJ sets


-Going home outfit

-toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, make up, deodorant, etc.)

-cozy blanket

-phone charger

-purse with insurance cards, etc.

….Ill have to think about what else i’m missing.





-a couple outfits

-scratch mittens

-boppy pillow




-cash for vending machines


-phone charger



Any recommendations?! Let me know!

<3 Katie Ryan