Free Ride: The Stuff I Talked About Mar 1st

Surprise extra show with Patrick Hanes!!! Here is what I talk about today. Enjoy the links, videos, some numbers that were in the news.

[Numbers in the News!]

Are you a double screener? Do you watch TV while also looking at your phone/tablet/laptop? You are definitely not alone. 90% of people in a recent survey said they watch TV while also concentrating on another screen. 25% of those say they text people about what they’re watching. (SWNS)

Do you like to work out alone or with other people? Seems the pandemic has led a lot of people to appreciate working out alone. A new survey found that 42% of respondents say they prefer exercising alone. The main reason: You can work out on your own time schedule – where you want and when you want. 33% said working out alone allowed them to focus more on what they were doing, and 37% said they liked to be alone with their thoughts when they worked out. And 20% said they liked working out alone because they don’t feel judged. (SWNS)

We’re addicted to likes … There’s a reason some people are addicted to social media. A new study found that social media users are driven by “likes” — the same way lab rats are driven by food rewards. It’s basically “reward learning.” Getting a like gives you that reward high — so you crave more.

Speaking of watching TV … ACT II microwave popcorn is releasing a new flavor … mac & cheese popcorn. While some Instagram users have posted pics of the popcorn, there’s still no word on when it will be released. (Delish)

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World Compliment Day 

Jordan Davis took off a significant amount of his signature beard before shooting the video for “Almost Maybes,” and he’s liking the new look.

Maren Morris and Chris Stapleton are the frontrunners for this year’s ACM Awards. They’re up for six nominations each. Maren is thrilled to be nominated in a year when so many artists used their downtime to create great music. Chris is grateful for nominations, but says making the best music is his priority.


[Niko Moon: The “NO SAD SONGS” lyric video]