{Katie’s Baby Blog} Less Than 6 Weeks Until Baby Girl Arrives!

We’re getting close now!! Just a few days from March and then ill be in the home stretch to baby’s delivery date!!

I’m a little over 33 weeks today!! I’ll have a planned c-section this time, so I’m crossing my fingers that this delivery is easier than the last one. Thinking about my delivery with Lily, a 24 hour labor that lead to a c-section, that was HARD . So hopefully things will be smoother this time.

Right now, baby kicks A LOT! It’s actually more of that stretching feeling now…like she’s trying to stretch your insides…yeah, ouch!

Sleeping is still hard and I have a restless leg almost every night!! I don’t remember that with Lily. Pregnancy does such weird things though. Otherwise, I feel pretty good!

I got to see baby girl last week at my growth sonogram and she is looking good!! The one time she wasn’t a wiggle worm, she decided to curl up in a ball and made it hard to see her cute little face, but we got a couple good pictures!

I think she looks just like Lily!! I see the same little nose and eyes 🙂 I can’t wait to see if she has as much hair as Lily did. I’m sure she will with all of the heartburn that I have!

<3 Katie Ryan