Free Ride: The Stuff I Talked About

Here is the stuff I talked about during the show.

Numbers in the News

Veggies are hot. You hear a lot about all the comfort foods that people have been reaching for over the last year, but it seems just as many people are reaching for healthy stuff  — particularly vegetables. 70% of people in a new survey say they have been eating healthier than ever — and 39% said their stay-at-home time has led to them eating more veggies. 68% said they have been using veggies more in their cooking and in more innovative ways. (SWNS)
Speaking of healthy eating … Move over paleo and vegan diets, there’s a new diet in town … and it’s a combination of both of those popular diets. It’s called the “pegan” diet. Created by physician and nutrition author Dr. Mark Hyman, the diet is basically 75% plant-based – with some animal products allowed … like grass-fed meat and butter, organic eggs, and wild-caught fish. (Insider)

The Michael Bolton Thing

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