MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What Happens To The Losing Super Bowl Team’s Merchandise

Following a big win in a major sporting event, such as this year’s Super Bowl, fans will try to score championship merchandise as quickly as possible. So, to meet that demand, manufacturers make & stock two different sets of T-shirts, hats, and other gear ahead of time declaring each team the champion. This was done so that the winner’s apparel (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in this year’s case) could be able to quickly stock clothing racks & get tossed to players on the field once the game concluded. But, what happens now to the Chiefs’ versions?

They’re destined for greatness in their own way: charity.

A charitable organization called Good360, based in Alexandria, VA, actually handles all the excess merchandise & distributes it to less fortunate people overseas. The losing team’s apparel is held in inventory locations across the U.S. Following the game, Good360 will determine exactly how much surplus product is available & then determine where the goods can go to do the most good.

While no exact count following this year’s big game has been announced yet, past merchandise has been plentiful. For example, based on strong sales following the 2007 NFC Championship win by the Chicago Bears, Sports Authority printed more than 15,000 shirts proclaiming a Bears Super Bowl victory, well-before the game ever started. And then, of course…the Colts beat the Bears, 29-17.

This past year has been unlike any other before, but the coronavirus pandemic actually isn’t expected to affect the donating process this year. Well, except that cloth face masks are now among the items being donated.

So, even though Kansas City may have come up short last night, Chiefs fans can still take heart: at least the spoils of losing won’t go to waste, but actually to a good, worthy cause.

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