{Katie’s Baby Blog} Snow Days!

Last year Lily loved the snow as a 1 year old! we only had one light snow day, but she had so much fun and liked being dragged around in her little sled.

This year, she changed her mind about it! She saw my husband, Tim, outside shoveling and begged me to go outside to play with Daddy in the snow. So I said “okay” and we got her all bundled up. She was surprisingly okay with all the snow gear on and walking in the big boots, but when she finally got outside she was not a fan of the snow!

She hated walking in it because it was “too slippery” and her face was too cold. So Tim took her to the playground and she tolerated swinging on the swing in the snow.  I was inside the house watching because I have no winter coats/gear that are big enough to go over my pregnant belly and, it was nice to stay warm!

I saw Tim put her in a sled and take her back to a big hill and I thought that it looked like she was having fun, sledding, but it wasn’t too much longer that they were heading back inside the house.

I asked her what she thought and she said “I don’t like the snow, Mommy, my face is cold and it’s too slippery!”  and Tim said, that she cried a little and reluctantly said she was having fun….maybe next year!!

At least she looked super cute in her little snow outfit!

This is where she likes to be…warm…inside…with food 🙂

<3 Katie Ryan