{Katie’s Baby Blog} 29 Weeks…and a few days!

“Baby #2 is as big as a head of cauliflower!” …and it totally feels like that in my belly!

Constant moving and kicking from this girl, I feel like she moves a lot more than Lily did. Maybe that means she will be my wild one 😉

I think Lily liked to sleep and it makes sense because she is a great sleeper, still!

Sleep is officially hard (have I said that before?). Not only do I feel like I have to roll back and forth all night, but now it’s hard to turn from side to side- like I have to prep myself for the big roll haha!! My belly is just getting “heavier” feeling in general…you know, when you start to feel like you have to hold it up and carry it around…yep that has begun.

I’m down to my two week appointments already! Crazy! When they told me that at my last appointment I think it hit me how soon this baby is going to be here! I can’t wait to see her in my next sono. at 32 weeks.