MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why Cats Love To Sit On Computer Keyboards

If you’ve been working from home, or have ever used a computer at your place, then you probably know that computer keyboards are prime real estate in the eyes of pretty much every cat. They’ll frequently bypass their comfy cat bed over in the corner & just sprawl right out across your laptop. But why? It hardly seems random, and, as it turns out…it’s not.

One reason is the heat coming from your device. Cats are most comfortable when they don’t have to use their own energy to heat their bodies. Their “thermoneutral zone”, or temperature sweet spot, is between 86°F & 100°F. And, computer keyboards are often nice & toasty, just like heating vents, sunny spots, and pretty much all the other places your cat prefers to lounge.

But, what if your laptop doesn’t run hot? Your cat might still like to hang around it whenever you’re trying to get work done. I mean, after all, it’s where you are. And, that laptop is on your lap, which is prime feline territory. Plus, you’re staring at it constantly, all while your cat would prefer that it gets your immediate & direct attention. So, it gets between you & the screen to accomplish that.

Most folks probably welcome a visit from their favorite furry coworker to break up the monotony of emails, spreadsheets, and other work. But, with that said, being able to only see half of your screen & use only half of your keyboard…that isn’t the most ideal work scenario. And, unfortunately, giving your cat attention (even if it’s just to move them out of the way) can actually reinforce their behavior.

The best way to convince your cat to steer clear of the keyboard is to reward them whenever they settle down somewhere else. That might require setting up an appealing alternative spot, like a heated cat bed or a pillow-filled corner near a window. Then, tempt them over there with treats & pay plenty of visits to their new turf. Then, eventually they should lose interest in your boring old keyboard.

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