{Katie’s Baby Blog} Wild Pregnancy Emotions!

We talked about this this morning with the Wake Up Crew; Dianah and I discussed how wild pregnancy emotions can be before and after you have the baby.

This time around, my pregnancy itself feels about the same as last time, but emotionally…a little different! The first time you are pregnant is scary and exciting all in one! A very overwhelming feeling and not knowing what is ahead with the big changes that are not only happening to your body, but life in general. So, understandably, I feel like while I was pregnant with Lily,  I was more emotional in a way where I was nervous or would just cry over random things!

This time, I am soooo tired all of the time. Drained from chasing around a two year old and I just feel like my body is more exhausted than the first time. Naps are key to get me through the day or else I am grouchy by 4/5:00 in the evenings. Waking up early and not sleeping a full 8 hours each night also doesn’t help during the week; so I try to get extra sleep on the weekends where I can. Making dinner during the week is few and far between…coming up with something to cook, cooking it and then the clean up after…yeah, not interested! Which is strange for me…I normally love to cook!

I’m also gearing up for the crazy hormones that come AFTER baby is born…that is when it really gets emotional. Totally normal though, hormones trying to get back in the swing of things, learning about your new baby, getting a new schedule together, it’s a lot!!


<3 Katie Ryan