{Katie’s Baby Blog} 26 Week Update!

Only 3 months left to go until we meet baby girl #2!!!!

Right now, we are working on a name for baby girl; going back and forth between a few. I’m also just starting to think about things that I will need for her this time around….and really, it’s not much. Luckily, I still have everything from when Lily was a newborn!

I think the only new thing we will need to buy is a bassinet and DIAPERS and WIPES (you can never have enough of those).

As far as how I’m feeling goes….right now pretty good. Definitely starting to feel “bigger”, more tired this time around, and really not much of a huge appetite. I crave sweets more than anything, but I never really know what I want to eat for any other meal.

Picking up Lily is becoming more of a struggle, so I just try to avoid it when I can, and chasing her around…I’m pretty much giving up on that. That is daddy’s full time job now.

Sleeping is getting harder, I HATE sleeping on my side, but you have to…so I’m flipping back and forth from side to side all night, just trying to get comfortable which isn’t fun.

Right now, baby girl is the size of an acorn squash…and that’s exactly what I feel like i’m carrying around. A little acorn squash that loves to kick me and wiggle around.

<3 Katie Ryan