{Katie’s Baby Blog} My Messy Kid!

My child is so messy!! Is that normal?!…..I know it is! Haha, but she is seriously a mess when it comes to eating. I can’t tell you how many bottles of stain remover I go through trying to get stains out of her cute clothes.

The worst part is…she loves being messy. She squishes food between her fingers, rubs it all over her face and hair and makes crumbs out of anything and everything she can.

I have tried to tell her “no” probably a thousand times. She doesn’t care. I take away her tray and food…doesn’t bother her at all.

She’s just a messy girl. I thought she would grow out of it when we transitioned from “baby” to “toddler”…that was a funny joke.

I guess we will just keep working on it in hopes that one magical day, Lily won’t tear apart her PB&J sandwich and then rub it all over her face.

Please send recommendations my way. Maybe a way to trick her into eating nicely?? If I offer a treat…that gets squished, too.

Peep the video below for a perfect example…