{Katie’s Baby Blog} Snow Day!…or not.

I was a little disappointed yesterday when I got home and tried to get Lily excited for the snow. I wanted Tim and I to take her outside to play, but she was totally against it!

She liked looking out the window at the snow, but when I asked her to go outside and play in it, I got, “No, I don’t want to go outside!!” I tried to get her snow pants on, and her favorite boots…nope. I even tried to coax her with M&M’s and stickers. She took them both and still shook her head “no” at me about going outside.

So once, I finally gave in and said “okay, fine we will stay in,” we decided to make Christmas cookies!

Now that…she loved doing 🙂 My cute little helper.

I can’t really blame her….I don’t loveeeee the snow either.

<3 Katie Ryan