{Katie’s Baby Blog} Family Christmas Pics!

Planning a day around family photos can be challenging, especially when you have a two year old! She definitely needs a nap first…so hopefully we can time things out for photos after 3pm, she needs to eat something so she isn’t whiney, and getting her dressed quickly before the photos so she doesn’t get something on her in the time between getting there can be a challenge, too! Exhausting!

Luckily, my cousin did our Christmas photos this year, so she was flexible with our schedule!

No, I’m not planning on sending Christmas cards, this year. Honestly, it’s too much work for me- being pregnant and chasing around Lily, I just said, “One less thing is easier for me!” But…we did want the cute photos since we haven’t taken any as a family since Lily was 10 months old.

So, I woke Lily up from her nap and in a whirlwind she was dressed and had her hair done before she could even really open her eyes. Side note- most days Lily is a little bit of a grouch when she wakes up from a nap, she always has been!  Then, we got to the photo shoot and luckily she was distracted by the Christmas trees and big ornaments and agreed to sit on Daddy’s lap so we could snap a few pictures! We did have to coax her with M&M’s to get the one’s of her by herself. Done in 20 minutes…and look how sweet they turned out!!!

Also– managed to get one of me and the belly with baby girl, too!

Here are a few!

<3 Merry Christmas!