{Katie’s Baby Blog} Baby Girl #2 is 21 weeks!

 I wanted to update you on our second baby girl growing! I had my 20 week sonogram last week and she is doing great!

The anatomy appointment is always a fun one, and it’s nice that Tim is able to join me whenever I have a sonogram, because he isn’t allowed to come into the office otherwise for my appointments.

She is about 13oz already! and HEALTHY!! Which is what I pray for every night…another healthy baby girl!

I am feeling LOTS of kicks. I think way more than I did with Lily and I started feeling them a lot earlier this time around…15/16 weeks! Maybe it’s because I’m actually drinking a little bit of caffeine this time. When I was pregnant with Lily, the smell of coffee turned my stomach so I just didn’t drink any the entire time.

I’m also wayyyy more tired all of the time than I was last time, so a little coffee helps, especially with early weekday mornings.

Yay!- we’re halfway there!

<3 Katie Ryan