{Katie’s Baby Blog} Painting Pumpkins!

Easily one of the messiest things we’ve ever done with Lily!

But she had fun…so that’s all that matters. We went to buy pumpkins at a local produce stand in New Market and she picked 2 so her and my husband, Tim got to paint the pumpkins while I sat by ready with napkins ready for paint to go flying!

Luckily, Lily was very calm while painting her little pumpkin all different colors. We haven’t done much painting yet; just because it’s so messy and now she’s old enough to know not to try to lick it 😉

She sat quietly and mixed all the colors and painted her entire pumpkin until she was happy with her colorful pumpkin!

Side note- there was paint everywhere….her hair, her face, her arms…but it was worth it, right?! haha.

<3 Katie Ryan